Technology at work for you


· One moving part –long life, reliable

· Passive lubrication system –no pump required

· Fuel flexible –propane, natural gas, well gas

· Simple modular design –ease of maintenance

· -40F to 100F ambient temperature range

· Turbine temperature Up to 1700 F

· Engine RPM Up to 120 k RPM


Redefining the delivery of portable heat through microturbine technology

Flameless Heat



· Gas & Oil - Explorations and Services

· Heating wellheads & BOPs

· Heating compressors for startups

· Temporary site heating

· Equipment heating

· Curing concrete

· Frost prevention system

· Airlines

· Utilities & Power Plants

· Environmental Services

· Mining

· Painting & Coatings

· Construction - Commercial, Industrial & Residential

· Drilling platform cellar, keeping area warm and ice free

· Pipeline projects

· Pre-warming of equipment and motors

· Heating rig floor

· Employee locker areas and housing

· Emergency thawing

· Work-over rigs

· Offshore drilling rigs

· Dehumidification

· And much more!



Available Options


· Tandem Axle

· Skid Mounted

· Cold Weather Package

· LED Service/Work Light Packages

· Optional Outlet Duct Sizing

· Additional Ducting

· Additional Ducting Storage

· Duct Splitter

· GPS Locator

· Uprated Power Generation 1-12kW

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Microturbine Technologies

Redefining the delivery of portable heat through microturbine technology



 The MicroTurbine Flameless Heaters deliver high volumes of heat through a new unique turbine technology. The MicroTurbine heaters are compact in size and yet deliver performance comparable to the leading static pressure heaters. These units are of superior quality and provide unparalleled performance in every way.

The immediate applications for these appliances are in oil/gas and construction environments. The high air volumes and consistent heat provided by the turbine technology makes these units ideal for heating/drying functions in most oil and gas and construction applications.  The use of propane or natural gas (and eventually gas from the oil well) significantly reduce costs and is ideal for operating in extreme cold weather.


66” x 44” x 32”


250 lbs(dry)

Fuel Type

Propane/LPG / CNG/ Well Gas

Fuel Rate

750,000 BTUs/ hr

8.3 gallons/hr, 48 lb/hr

Ignition Type

Momentary spark

120VACpower supply

Air Flow

Up to 5,000 CFM

Temperature Rise

275 degrees Fahrenheit


20,000 hours


100 dB at 3m


CO: 0.14%

NO: 33ppm

CxHy: 7ppm