Changes are guaranteed, whether they are planned or not. We are nimble and able to adapt to the changes that come our way and still stay focused on goals set out in each project. Because of the way we are setup, we are able to build work teams that are specific to each client and their exacting needs.


The IEC works on the basis of collaboration. We understand this to be the basis for the success for all of the things that we work on and carry this understanding into each of the things we do. We bring the right people together, help them to communicate and understand the objectives of each client and project and ensure that these teams are generating the greatest amount of value for our clients


Our talent is global. We understand the challenges of cross border and cross cultural strategies. This is why we have teams setup around the world that allow us to provide both the local and global view that our clients require.


No project is simple and all involve many facets and skill sets. As part of the collaborative environment necessary for each project, they are multidisciplinary in nature and thus combine the various talents in digital technologies.


Our Capabilities include the following skills and offerings:

1. A Broad Global View:
With a team located in the US and around the World we bring special objectivity to each project.
2. Affordability:
We understand that our success depends on the success of our clients.
3. Scalability: The ability to understand the needs of our clients and scale projects accordingly.
4. Quick: Setup times and results.
Our Resources Include:

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Talented People
  • Years of Experience
  • Marketing Analytics

320 Nevada St., Suite 301, Newton, MA 02460
(857)-255-3300 x101