Our collaborative methodology allows us to reach deep in to our relationships with the IEC clients and partner with them to add to the depth of knowledge that we bring to each project.

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DP6 is an intelligence and performance marketing consultancy that applies science and technology in the exploration of data at the points of contact between consumers and brands, to optimize business and results.


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MYREKS: Assisting clients in the decision-making process with an easy-to-install technology, which allows customers to be part of the store by recommending their favorite products.


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METAVEE CONSULTING: connects the dots between emails and sales by revealing advanced, actionable and accurate email conversion reports & customer data to understand exactly who, when and how is buying.


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CHILLY BEARS: A creative staff of individuals working with the best training and experience in the embellished apparel industry. They possess an internal knowledge base of how to launch and manage million dollar brands and the tools to analyze their success.

Tribal Vision

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TRIBAL VISION: Have a philosophy to help you build a “tribe” of genuinely interested prospects and customers who also become passionate advocates for each client brand. Develop a clear strategic compass and a detailed tactical roadmap for each and every client.


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Stayfilm is an automatic online film maker that will transform photos and films of stories into films with fantastic visual effects and an outstanding cinema like quality. This product is able to evolve in to a fantastic embedded advertising tool.


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At Oz Design, reason and emotion converge with excellence in the permanent pursuit of contemporary and timeless Design.

At OZ, design is more than tool that potentiates brands and drives the economy: it is a transformative instrument that has the role of promoting the rapprochement between people, visions and cultures, through the qualified content and its best expression in the beautiful form.


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A branding company that has been in business for 20 years, with offices in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile. Brands are our every day concern.

They pay special attention to detail, their codes and promises, aware of what makes people establish strong emotional bonds.


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Tweeting / Lightping is a unique and creative solution that allows companies to use and capitalize on their internal data through real time custom map visualizations

By showcasing their services, companies reinforce their brand image and identity as well as increases credibilty and transparency.


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Emotion Mining is a community activation cloud-based enterprise solution that enables leaders to connect with followers around the passions they share.

Unlike other approaches to leadership, marketing, and research, our patented tools prioritize not what followers have done in the past nor what they say in the present, but what they subconsciously seek in the future.