Cubicle Curtain – Vinyl FTA

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High thickness, high protection, high quality. The FTA Vinyl line of cubicle curtains is of high thickness, providing greater strength and durability. It receives in its manufacture, antimicrobial treatment, in addition to flame retardant, which does not lose its properties after each cleaning. Furthermore, the smooth surface of the vinyl, on both sides, facilitates cleaning and prevents accumulation of dirt. Its upper screen is made of 100% polyester fabric, which gives strength and provides light and ventilation to the environment.

Bioactive® Vinyl
Per Meter

Main features:

Nickel-plated brass eyelets do not rust;
100% polyester screen provides ventilation and lighting;
Easy installation and removal for cleaning;
Finishing on all sides and top edges of the screen;
Allows customization with application of logos and designs.

Key differentiators:

High density (0.30mm);
Flame retardant;
Resistant to most chemicals reagents;
Impervious to liquids and gases;
Thermal, electrical and acoustic insulator;
Bed/environment identification labels and traceability of the product.
Vinil FTA02


White, Beige, Green


5 year warranty against manufacturing defects *, following the instructions of cleaning and maintenance.
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