Wall Cover - PP10

For composition of protective system, rigid wall coverings combine your impact reduction feature decorative aspects of each environment. Produced on vinyl liners have variations of colors and designs, and can be applied in different locations. The leaves are supplied in size 20 cm and 30 cm x 50 cm tall and can be customized in the specific size of each project.

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Approx Wt. / Pc.
Price Per - Unit
Wall Cover PP10
4' x 10'
5.6 kg

• Produced with recycled vinyl;
• Applied in standard sheets 20 cm and 30 cm x 50 m;
• With textured surface;
• No cracks;
• Antimicrobial properties in your product composition;
• Flame retardant;
• Fast installation;
• Allows installation in drywall walls;
White, beige, blue and green

5-year guarantee against manufacturing defect *, following the instructions for cleaning and maintenance.
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