The Br Goods®, reference in manufacturing cubicle curtain, it is an innovative company. Founded in 2001, began operations shower curtains creatively and in more competitive models, selling them to hotels and retailers.

In 2003 a new challenge: Albert Einstein Hospital, reference for health, called for the development of Cubicle curtain with flame retardant, antifungal and antimicrobial technic. The curtains have been developed with what is most modern technology, implementing these concepts throughout the production chain.

In 2008, more innovation: seeking quality products that bring together beauty and architectural security, we began marketing Impact Walls Protection System, doors and corners and in 2015, became the only Brazilian manufacturer with a line of durable goods produced with sustainable materials, eliminating its composition the substances PBT and PVC.

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The portfolio of products also features Br Goods® Screens Hospital, Disposable Curtains and introduced in the year 2016 the sale of window curtain.

Br Goods presents innovative ways and increasingly for intelligent PRIVACY PROTECTION AND HYGIENE in hospitals, clinics, health centers and in various EAS’s (Health Care Institutions), contributing to the humanization of hospital treatment. Our products today are also present in chains and in various establishments in the country.

Our focus is to create solutions in different segments in which we operate, offering the market the latest in colors, patterns, materials and finishes

Headquartered in Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo, Br Goods has a strong presence in the domestic market and the countries to which it exports.

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